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New Electric Vehicle User Fee and Overstay Charge

Beginning July 1, 2020, an EV User Fee will be charged at all City-owned ChargePoint stations to help recover charging station operating costs. A rate of $0.30/kWh will be displayed on the station screen and will automatically be charged to the credit card associated with your ChargePoint account. In order to ensure turnover at stations, an Overstay Charge will also begin July 1, 2020. After a 10-minute grace period, a charge of $1.00/minute will start if vehicles exceed the posted time limit at ChargePoint stations. Older, non-networked charging stations will remain free to use at this time due to limitations in their technology.

Don't have a ChargePoint Account? Drivers can sign up for an account at ChargePoint website or pay by phone by calling the ChargePoint number posted on the stations. 



Electric Vehicle Incentives:
EV Charging Station Rebate - Now including small businesses!

The City of Santa Monica has expanded the EV Charging Rebate Program to include both multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) and small businesses. The program offers rebates of up to $1,000 to offset EV charging station and installation costs (or $1,500 for eligible low-income applicants). Funding is limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Please find program details here.



 EV Parking
SCE Clean Fuel Reward Program 

SCE is offering $1,000 if you purchased or leased your EV on or after January 1, 2019. You can still receive a $450 rebate if your purchased or leased your vehicle before 2019.

Public Charging Stations

Charger Location Address Charge Ports
Main Library           601 Santa Monica Blvd.      10
Civic Solar Port Closed until July 2022  
Civic Parking Structure 333 Civic Center Drive 45
Memorial Park             1621 14th Street 2
Santa Monica Pier 200 Santa Monica Pier 4
Santa Monica Place  320 Broadway, level 1 6
11th & Montana 1101 Montana Ave 3
Virginia Ave. Park      2200 Virginia Ave (Pico Blvd. side) 2
Virginia Ave. Park 2200 Virginia Ave (Virginia Ave. side) 2
Santa Monica Airport 3223 Donald Douglas Loop South 5
Parking Structure 6 1431 2nd Street 30
Parking Structure 9 1136 4th Street 4
Lot 7      1217 Euclid Street 4
All stations are free to use, though parking rates still apply. 

View Santa Monica EV Charging Locations in a larger map


Purple StickerEVParking - White
EV Parking - Green
Access Sticker RED

Clean Air Vehicle Decals - Priority Parking Rules:

On February 12th, 2019, the City Council approved proposed changes to extend the free metered parking privilege to expired white and green decal holders through the duration of the Clean Air Vehicle program, which is set to expire in 2025.  Properly displayed ORANGE, PURPLE, RED, GREEN and WHITE Clean Air Vehicle decals & ZEV decals allow you to park at any on-street, metered parking space in Santa Monica without charge for the maximum amount of time allowed by that meter.  In other words, if you're at a 2-hour meter, you can park there free for 2 hours-but beyond that, you're subject to ticketing for overstaying your welcome. Please always look for any other restrictions.  Clean Air Vehicle decals are issued by the state of California DMV. 


EV Charging Waitlist System - How does this work?

ChargePoint has Waitlist system for stations located at Virginia Avenue Park (Virginia Ave. side) and on Montana Ave.  Waitlist saves EV drivers time by helping to ensure that a station is available when they show up to charge. Please refer to the ChargePoint Waitlist FAQs or video; details below.

First, make sure to turn on all ChargePoint app notifications (in the app, go to the main menu and select Account, then choose Notifications) to receive updates about your place in line. Here's how to get in line:

  • When all stations are in use, click Join Waitlist from the map view in the ChargePoint app or tap your phone or card at a station.
  • When a spot opens up, you'll receive a text and app notification.
  • Accept the spot and it'll be held for you for fifteen minutes.
  • If you're busy, hit Snooze to let the next person have the spot (but keep your place in line).
  • If you don't need a charge anymore, just Leave Waitlist.

When it's time to move your vehicle, you'll receive a text notification.  

Waitlist Settings 

Time to Respond to
Session Notification

5 min      

The time a driver has to respond (Accept, Snooze, or Remove) when notified it's his/her turn to charge

Time from Accept
to Plug-In

15 min

Once offered a spot that the driver has accepted, they must plug in within 15 minutes, or the spot is offered to the next person in line

Time to Move When
Time is Up

10 min

The driver must move the vehicle within 10 minutes after the allotted time period or when the vehicle is fully charged (whichever comes first).



Are You Plug-in Ready?

Southern California Edison, has a library of resources to help consumers to get ready to plug-in

The prevailing wisdom from pundits in the "green media" is that California will play a leading role ushering in widespread adoption of electric cars in the United States and abroad. So for all early-adopters and those in the vanguard of the environmentally responsible, this is a great time to lead by example.

Last updated: Wednesday, 08/12/2020

EV Action Plan


We're working hard to expand and improve our charging infrastructure to help you drive clean. EV Action Plan ADOPTED 5MB pdf symbol  

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Breeze Bike Share is the easiest way to connect to work, play, shopping and friends.


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