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Learn How to Ride, Repair and Love Your Bike!

The Santa Monica Bike Center has partnered with Sustainable Streets to offer education and encouragement programs to promote sustainable active transportation.

Sustainable Streets mission is to help build healthy communities by encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in active transportation for daily trips.
Sustainable Streets at the Santa Monica Bike Center


Smart Cycling in Santa Monica

Drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians all share the same roadways – and a responsibility to travel safely. Cyclists must obey the same rules of the road as drivers, and officers will enforce these rules as necessary. The goal is for everyone to have fun, enjoy the fresh air, and act in a predictable manner so our roadways and paths provide safe passage for all.
Smart Cycling in Santa Monica pdf

Bicycle Detection

Were you wondering why small bike stencils were painted in lanes at numerous intersection lately? It is a video-based detection system for bike riders. In order to be detected by the signal system, position yourself at the “bike detection markings” at limit lines where a bike lane meets a signalized intersection throughout the City. Be sure to stop behind the limit line to get a green light. Enjoy the ride.
Bicycle_Detection pdf

Last updated: Thursday, 05/04/2017

EV Action Plan


We're working hard to expand and improve our charging infrastructure to help you drive clean. EV Action Plan ADOPTED 5MB pdf symbol  

Breeze Bike Share


Breeze Bike Share is the easiest way to connect to work, play, shopping and friends.


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