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Sustainable City Report Card
2012 Sustainable City Report Card

The Sustainable City Report Card was developed in order to give the community a quick-glance summary of numerous performance goals - on how we are doing overall. The report card measures the entire community's progress toward meeting the Sustainble City Plan goals, which were developed by the community during a fifteen month process in 2001-2002 and adopted by City Council in 2003. 

The report card grades the performance of the entire community. The grades were developed based on a detailed analysis of indicator data found in the Sustainable City Progress Report.  Staff draft grades initially with the assistance of an outside consultant and outside experts, including representatives of the City's Task Force on the Environment and Sustainable City Task Force.  The final grades presented in the report card receive outside review and approval by experts in in various public processes. In the end, we all make-or-break the grade. Please take a moment and grade Santa Monica for yourself.

Report Cards from previous years:


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