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Office of Sustainability and the Environment
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Resource Conservation

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Decrease consumption of non-local, non-renewable, non-recyclable energy, water, materials and fuels; and promote renewable resource use.

Environmental & Public Health

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Minimize or eliminate the use of hazardous and toxic materials and the levels of pollutants entering the air, soil and water.


Sustainable City Plan Goal: Maximize mobility and access and reduce traffic and pollution associated with transportation.

Economic Development

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Nurture a diverse, stable local economy that supports the basic needs of community members.  Increase sustainable business practices.

Open Space & Land Use

Sustainable City Plan Goals: Develop and maintain a diverse open space system that supports the community and the natural environment.  Create mixed-use urban villages.


Sustainable City Plan Goals:  Provide a mix of affordable, livable and green housing types for people of all socio-economic, cultural and household groups.

Community Education & Civic Participation

Sustainable City Plan Goals: Community members participate actively and effectively in civic affairs and community improvement efforts.

Human Dignity

Sustainable City Plan Goals: All community members are able to meet their needs, have adequate access to housing, health care, education, employment, and are empowered to enhance the quality of their lives.
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