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 Sustainable Landscape Galleries
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With a little help from the City's Sustainable Landscape Grant Program, the number of gorgeous, water-wise landscapes in Santa Monica has grown by leaps and bounds – and a little help is what everyone needs. This section is intended to give you ideas and inspiration. The Galleries offer a quick look at a mix of different garden highlights, while in the Featured Gardens, we get into the details of some of the many components that come together to make a great sustainable landscape. Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve, check out our design and installation recommendations under Landscape Standards to help you get started on your landscape remodel.
Sustainable_Landscape_Galleries In effect from 2004 through April 2010, the Sustainable Landscape Grant Program offered cash incentives on a matching fund basis to property owners who were willing to make a commitment to water-efficient irrigation and water-wise plants.
The Office of Sustainability and the Environment continues to encourage and enable projects like this from the community, in an effort to rein-in wasteful water-use habits, and to promote the use of climate appropriate plants that contribute to bio-diversity, and overall environmental health.
photos: Amy Williams Photography  
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