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garden\garden was a public demonstration garden that showed sustainable landscapes are cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, and easy to replicate. A nine-year case study documenting the resource consumption at the two gardens showed that the Native Garden used 83% less water; generated 56% less green waste and requires 68% less maintenance than the Traditional Garden . View the full report: garden-garden 2013 

Complete garden/garden Brochure pdf

Native Garden
Traditional Garden

 April 2012 - More about the Garden / Garden project and Sustainable Landscaping from reporter and expert Emily Green at

home native garden
Native Garden
 home traditional garden
Traditional Garden
Native Garden Plant List pdf
Permeable Paving Info Sheet pdf
Rainwater Infiltration Pit Info Sheet pdf
Native Garden Resources pdf
Traditional Garden Plant List pdf
Traditional Garden Resources pdf

Comparison Data

 gg research graphic 3  gg research graphic 2

The Numbers Speak for Themselves.
Click here to see a full-size version of the above Research Data Flyer.pdf

More Data:2004 to 2010 Comparison Charts 
Water Consumption Data
Maintenance Data
Solid Waste Generation Data


 Native before

Native Garden Site Pre-Demolition

 Traditional Before

Traditional Garden Site Pre-Demolition

 Native Demolition
Native Garden Site During Landscaping
 Traditional Demolition
Traditional Garden Site During Landscaping
Aerial View of Site
Construction Cost Sheet pdf
garden/garden Site Plan
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All About Plants

Take a gander at some gorgeous gardens, point and click on the plants you like and automatically compile a printable list of plants type with all the details required to get you started. 

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