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Oil & Oil Filter Recycling
Recycling used motor oil conserves energy and natural resources. Oil can be re-refined for reuse as motor oil or as fuel for ships. Oil filters, which are up to 80% steel, can also be recycled into useful products such as rebar and utility hole covers. It's up to you to make sure used oil and oil filters reach a recycling facility and don't pollute our environment.

Every year, more than 20 million gallons of used motor oil in the Los Angeles area are dumped into our environment. The oil that pollutes our groundwater and ocean comes from the seemingly harmless drip that leaks onto the street, and from the do-it-yourselfers who dump oil in vacant lots, trash cans, or storm drains. Not only are these dumping practices harmful to the environment, they are also illegal and can lead to expensive fines. Now, with many convenient locations throughout Santa Monica that collect used oil for recycling, there is no reason to illegally dispose of the oil drained from your car.

Free Collection Containers: To make oil recycling easier, the City of Santa Monica, along with participating businesses and the California Integrated Waste Management Board, provides direct-drain containers for drop off at convenient oil recycling locations throughout the city. These containers are free to all Santa Monica residents and can be obtained at O'Reilly Events or the city's Hazardous Waste Program. 
Last updated: Wednesday, 01/27/2016

Home Collection


Try Home Collection, where the Haz-Mat technician comes to you. 

The service is provided on a free and unlimited basis to homeowners and renters alike, and setting up an appointment is easy.  


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