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PSB Energy Efficiency

Public Safety Building

Energy Efficiency

Efficient furnace and computer controls, an underfloor air distribution system and automatic daylighting controls are used to maximize energy efficiency.
public courtyard
Natural daylight is delivered to offices via a three-story atrium. As with other exterior windows, this atrium features high performance dual-glazed, low-E, high visible light transmission (VLT) windows.

Daylighting controls dim indoor lights when ample natural light is available.
A high-efficiency pulse combustion boiler is used for heating. Combined with electronic controls, underfloor cirulation, and other features, it provides 36% higher energy efficiency than baseline requirements.
public boiler
 public hvac
This computer contains the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system for HVAC and indoor air quality optimization.
Efficient and comfortable underfloor air distribution is used to provide temperature control and ventilation. The picture shows one of the floor vents, opened.  Inside, a filter gasket catches stray dirt and dust and keeps the passageway beneath clear.
public floor
 public flow Beneath the floor vents, efficient and comfortable underfloor air distribution is available through these under floor circulation areas.  This picture shows the flow area under the third floor atrium walkway.  Height inside is about a foot.

Last updated: Monday, 03/16/2009

ZNE Guidelines for New Construction

 ZNE Guide Cover
Download (pdf)

ZNE Cost Effectiveness Study 

 ZNE Cost Effectiveness Study
Download (pdf)

Matrix 2.0 Alternative Water Guidelines 

 Matrix Document Banner
download (pdf)
New roadmap for decentralized, alternate water supplies - indoor and outdoor non-potable water regulations streamlined for rainwater, graywater, stormwater, blackwater use.

Solution Finding for Net Zero Water 

Sustainability experts from across the nation convened to explore statutory, technological, and engineering barriers to the widespread implementation of water recycling and reuse systems in commercial and residential buildings.
Net Zero Water Booklet
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High Performance Buildings Study

Designing high performance green buildings literally build our sustainable city commitments into the fabric of the community.  
Check out this study analyzing the costs of a prototypical mixed-use project.

High Performance Building Study Cover
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