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For "new construction" projects, review information on Santa Monica's Energy Reach Code and Solar Ordinance.

Some of America's most successful companies are going solar and so could you!



Tax Credit: A 30% federal tax credit helps reduce the upfront cost of solar for businesses.  Accelerated cost-recovery and bonus depreciation further increases the return on investment.  Business owned systems may also be eligible for MACRS 5-year Accelerated Depreciation using IRS federal form 4562 available at  For additional information, click here and contact your tax preparer or a tax attorney. 


Solar Water Heating Rebates: Eligible solar domestic hot water systems can receive a rebate from SoCal Gas for $25.00 per therm saved, up to $800,000. More info at the SoCalGas website:

Utility Rebates

SoCalGas (Solar Thermal)   Southern California Gas Company Rebates  

  • Multi-family dwelling and commercial customers is $500,000 max.

Utility Interconnection

Under state-wide solar "net-metering" legislation California utilities are required to credit customer electric bills at full retail rates for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of grid-connected solar power generated on the customer premises. 

Apogee Electronics' 28 kW system is also backed up by battery storage to keep operations
running should utility power be interrupted.

Leasing and Financing

With available lease and loan financing, solar energy is generally cheaper per kilowatt hour than conventional energy from your utility.  Commercial financing is available in the form of: Solar Leases, Power Purchase Agreements, Solar Loans, and Property Tax Assessments.

Plan Your System

Sunny roofspace is required. Look up your address at the LA County Solar Map. If you think there is an error in the aerial image, call us for a personal assessment. The County Solar Map also has resources to help size your system and estimate annual savings. 

Find a Contractor

If you're like most residents we talk to, buying solar is something brand new!

That's why Solar Santa Monica decided to go to the effort to find solar contractors who:

  • meet city license and insurance requirements
  • make personal visits before issuing a proposal
  • carry the state solar rebate
  • offer options for web monitoring and maintenance contracts
  • offer standard warranties
  • act in a professional manner
  • have references available
  • report on Santa Monica installations completed

We have solar electricity (photovoltaic), solar hot water (solar thermal), and solar pool heating experts on our list. These contractors were screened and selected after a memorandum of understanding pdf was agreed upon.

Our local contractors offer free site-visits. Call three so you have experience, bids, equipment, and services to compare. Find a Contractor.

Shore Hotel uses solar thermal to heat water used for things like showers and laundry.



Last updated: Friday, 04/05/2019

Ready to Go Solar?


Investigate how your home or business can be more energy efficient with the Home Energy Saver Guide

Sunny roofspace is required.  See capacity of your site here: 
Select a qualified 
Solar Contractor 


Have us help you compare bids by calling 310-458-2238 or email us



Multifamily Solar Study Cover
Fostering a Future Multifamily Solar Study pdf
Profile highlighting Santa Monica's efforts to promote solar on multifamily properties.  




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