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Battery Storage
“Energy storage products have the potential to optimize the value of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems while increasing the flexibility of electricity consumers and enhancing grid operations.”  National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Battery Storage Overview

Companies have developed battery systems that integrate with solar panels to create “solar-plus-energy storage” for your home.  Energy storage systems can be installed with new or existing solar systems and give property owners flexibility to use their solar derived power even when the sun goes down.  Another benefit is that energy storage systems work like an emergency backup generator and keep some percentage of your property powered during electricity black outs.  There are even web portals and apps that allow property owners to monitor power generation, battery level, and usage. 

Every system is unique and prices vary widely depending on the capacity and features of the system. We encourage you to reach out to the solar contractors on the Solar Santa Monica list that design and install battery storage systems. They will help you size a system that meets your goals and budget. 

 Battery Storage
Battery Benefits

Solar battery systems available today are equipped with smart energy management software that allows the stored energy to be used in the following ways: 

Batter Solar Use
  • Strategic Time-Of-Use: This setting uses the stored solar energy in the battery in the late afternoon/early evening, when grid power is the most expensive. Example: Peak summer kWh rates are up to 9 times more expensive than off-peak kWh rates. 
  • Self-Consumption Mode: Similar to strategic time-of-use, but does not take into account TOU rates. This setting uses the solar-charged battery at night rather than pulling new power from the utility. 
  • Backup Power: Use energy stored in your battery during a grid-outage. The home can be turned into a micro-grid, independent from the utility, and continuing to recharge.
Resources to learn more about solar batteries for home use:

The California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is a monetary incentive program for property owners in California who install qualifying types of battery systems to meet all or a portion of their own energy needs. There are several rebate levels based on the technology type you use and how much energy you generate. Incentives are offered on a first-come first-serve basis and the value steps down based on participation levels. For more information and to download the SGIP Handbook, which offers a detailed guide to the program, eligible equipment, and rebates, visit the Southern California Edison SGIP website. To apply for a rebate visit 
Performance Energy Agreements

For commercial customers, most energy storage providers offer performance contracts to guarantee savings with little to no money upfront. The developer will handle the installation, operation, remote monitoring, and maintenance. The customer pays the energy storage provider a subscription fee for services over an agreed upon term. The guaranteed savings are made possible by applying predictive analytics and sophisticated battery management software to discharge energy during peak periods thereby reducing peak demand charges from the utility. 
Code Compliance for Battery Energy Storage Systems (Updated 2/20/20)


  • Chapter 12 of the 2019 CA Fire Code
  • NFPA 855

Building & Safety:

  • 2019 California Energy Code
    NEC Articles 706, 705, 710

Zoning Ordinance:

  • SMMC 9.21.020, Accessory Structures
  • SMMC 9.21.110, Projections from Buildings into Minimum Setbacks
  • SMMC 9.21.150, Solar Energy Systems
Last updated: Thursday, 02/20/2020

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