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Energy efficiency is the best investment an individual can make to address the energy and environmental issues facing California, the U.S., even the world, today.  While we promote renewable energy and pursue other sustainable practices within the City, the simple application of energy efficiency, both in appliance purchases and in our day-to-day behavior, yields the best returns on all our time and money invested.
The most energy efficient products carry the Energy Star label. Energy Star certified products are available at all major retail outlets.


Switch is On: Make the Switch to an All-Electric Home

Ready to live in a home that's more comfortable and healthier for your family and the planet?  An all-electric home may be right for you.  Visit to learn all about efficient electric appliances for your home, to find rebates, and to find a contractor. 

If you are remodeling your home, consider replacing existing gas appliances with efficient electric alternatives. Check out these additional resources:

City of Santa Monica's Electrification Retrofit Guide for Homeowners

Redwood Energy's Guide to All-Electric Retrofits for Single Family Homes

Ready to pull a permit?  Find out what permit applies to your project here

Single Family Homeowners - Try This Tool 

A new web-based tool called XeroHome™ ( is available to Santa Monica single-family homeowners as a collaborative project between the Office of Sustainability & the Environment and Southern California Edison’s Emerging Technologies Program. The tool provides residents a personalized energy upgrade plan to reduce energy use and the carbon footprint of their homes.

Last updated: Tuesday, 09/21/2021
Solar Santa Monica is a free service for residents and businesses looking to go solar. Solar experts are available to provide you unbiased technical advice to help you navigate the changing rules, incentives and financing options. Learn more about Solar Santa Monica, or get started by calling 424-262-SAMO (7266).


Multifamily Solar Study Cover

Fostering a Future Multifamily Solar Study pdf
Profile highlighting Santa Monica's efforts to promote solar on multifamily properties.  


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