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Electric Vehicle Action Plan

Electric Vehicle charging helps reduce emissions and clean the air. We're working hard to expand and improve our charging infrastructure to help you drive clean.  The Electric Vehicle Action Plan is a big step forward for the community.  


Charger Location  Address Total Ports 
Civic Solar Port 1658 Main Street 12
Civic Parking Structure 333 Civic Center Drive 14
Santa Monica Pier 200 Santa Monica Pier 4
Santa Monica Structure Place 7 320 Broadway 6
11th & Montana 1101 Montana Ave 2
Virginia Ave. Park      2200 Virginia Ave (Pico Blvd. side) 3
Virginia Ave. Park 2200 Virginia Ave (Virginia Ave. side) 2
Santa Monica Airport 3223 Donald Douglas Loop South 4
Parking Structure 6 1431 2nd Street 30
Parking Structure 9 1136 4th Street 4

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EVParking - White
EV Parking - Green
EV Parking - ZEV

Priority Parking Rules:

Properly displayed, current and valid RED, GREEN and WHITE Clean Air Vehicle decals & ZEV decals allow you to park at any on-street, metered parking space in Santa Monica without charge for the maximum amount of time allowed by that meter.  In other words, if you're at a 2-hour meter, you can park there free for 2 hours-but beyond that, you're subject to ticketing for overstaying your welcome. Please always look for any other restrictions.  WHITE, GREEN and RED clean air decals are currently valid through January 1, 2019. In March 2018, the DMV began issuing red decals for qualifying ultra-low emission vehicles.  Clean Air Vehicle decals are issued by the state of California DMV.



Are You Plug-in Ready?

The electrical utility serving Santa Monica, Southern California Edison, has a library of resources to help consumers Get Ready to Plug-In.
The prevailing wisdom from pundits in the "green media" is that California will play a leading role ushering in widespread adoption of electric cars in the United States and abroad. So for all early-adopters and those in the vanguard of the environmentally responsible, this is a great time to lead by example.
Last updated: Wednesday, 07/24/2019
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Multifamily Solar Study Cover

Fostering a Future Multifamily Solar Study pdf
Profile highlighting Santa Monica's efforts to promote solar on multifamily properties.  


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