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Switch is On: Make the Switch to an All-Electric Home

Ready to live in a home that's more comfortable and healthier for your family and the planet?  An all-electric home may be right for you.  Visit to learn all about efficient electric appliances for your home, to find rebates, and to find a contractor. 

If you are remodeling your home, consider replacing existing gas appliances with efficient electric alternatives. Check out these additional resources:

City of Santa Monica's Electrification Retrofit Guide for Homeowners

Redwood Energy's Guide to All-Electric Retrofits for Single Family Homes

Ready to pull a permit?  Find out what permit applies to your project here.

LEDs - Light Emitting Diodes

Lighting makes up a substantial portion of typical residential and commercial energy costs. The good news is there are now affordable technologies that greatly improve the efficiency without putting a big dent in your electricity bill.
LEDs add an exciting new lighting option for both commercial and residential uses. This technology is not new, but ongoing improvements in recent years have been profound. Super efficient, these lights may use a fraction of the watts required for rival technologies, including compact fluorescent lamps. Further, they seemingly last forever and generate very little heat, thus saving on replacement costs and the energy demands of air conditioning. They can be prohibitively expensive, but don't count them out. You'll be adding LEDs into your home or place of business before you know it, if you haven't already.
 LED Bulb Comparison

Commercial Lighting

T-8 LED Lamps 

      The common T-8 and T-12 4-foot fluorescent lamps with magnetic or electric ballasts which for decades defined commercial lighting can now be replaced with T-8 and even smaller diameter T-5 lamps using LEDs.
The retrofit of these lamps save about 20 to 40% of the energy, usually with a payback of less than three years. Other benefits include better light color and quality, less noise from the hum of electromagnetic ballasts, and cooler operation, which helps to reduce air conditioning load.


Also known as recessed can lights, downlights have efficient alternatives, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and compact metal halide options.  Incandescent-to- arc discharge lighting change-outs such as this save up to 75% of the energy used for lighting.  Often these change-outs require fixture retrofits, which are generally more labor intensive than just changing lamps.  Again, the longer burn hours of typical commercial lighting applications lead to acceptable payback terms for these changes.

Lighting Controls

Such as occupancy sensors, twist timers, or energy management controls can also be used to reduce the hours-on for fixtures that are not required for continuous use. Warehouse lighting owners should consider bi-level controls and daylighting control systems that can reduce lighting during low-use periods or when skylights provide sufficient light levels in storage areas.

Outdoor Lighting

Systems now have efficient options as well, and a trend to reduce light levels and better control against light trespass and glare in exterior lighting, are making high-pressure sodium and metal halide (together known as high intensity discharge or HID) lamp choices more popular.


Appliances are the large energy users in your home. Energy efficient appliances are a sure thing - like money in the bank.  Identifying energy efficient appliances is easy. A Federal program of labeling efficient products called “EnergyStar” helps you to find efficiency easily. Most of these products prominently display an EnergyStar® logo. Also, be sure to inquire with your local utility to see if rebates are offered for efficient appliances. These rebates are designed to transform the market to one in which efficiency is always the best choice.

  • Energy Star® Program. Contact (888) 782-7937. Products certified by the Energy Star® Program carry the distinctive Energy Star® logo, which certifies the highest level of energy efficiency. Energy Star® certified products are available at all major retail outlets.
  • Rebates available
Last updated: Tuesday, 09/21/2021
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