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reDiscover gives scrap and discards new life as art materials.  The reDiscover Center in Culver City is where you can find everything from mylar ribbons to dowels to belt buckles to tennis balls to a million other things. They provide these materials at minimal cost and incorporate them into programs that empower kids’ fanciful imaginations.  The Office of Sustainability and the Environment sponsors reDiscover programming for Santa Monica elementary schools and events. 

reDiscover provides programs throughout Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Culver City at festivals, in schools, and with their community partners. Their studio and warehouse are open for drop-in making every Saturday from 11:00-5:00, by appointment, and for scheduled events.

Through workshops and other opportunities, they show parents, educators and children how to reuse unwanted products as hands-on learning tools that are challenging, thought-provoking, inexpensive, and friendly to our environment. To learn more visit

Last updated: Wednesday, 06/13/2018

The Library Goes Sustainable All Over!

Whether you are a professional or student researcher, or just a parent trying to get through another science project for your child, the Library's collection has hundreds of sustainable selections. The Library itself is a phenomenal green story. 


Guided Learning Opportunities at the Santa Monica Pier

Parents and teachers - take advantage of a wide range of award-winning lesson plans built around the dynamic activities available at the Santa Monica Pier. These curricula for students from K thru 12 cover everything from history to science to health to career-building and more. Check it out!
Santa Monica Pier Curriculum


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