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Non-Recyclable Food Service Container Ban
Expanded polystyrene and non-recyclable plastic together make up the largest amount of waste that ends up on Santa Monica’s beaches.  These pollutants cause significant environmental damage as they are commonly mistaken for food by marine animals and seabirds. By banning these types of disposable plastic food containers, the ordinance will help to reduce the amount of these materials that pollute Santa Monica’s beaches and bay.

Santa Monica has joined sister cities across the country in banning non-recyclable plastic food to-go containers - an important interim step toward protecting our oceans, lakes and streams from the ravages of plastics litter.

Thank you to the over 600 food establishments and countless community members that have successfully participated in Santa Monica’s Non-Recyclable Food Service Container Ban. In place since February 2008, the ban is an important first step in eliminating plastics from our beaches. 




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You'll be helping to protect our environment, especially the Santa Monica Bay.


Consultations for Food-Vendors

Appointments are available for one-on-one consultations to help find quick solutions to your container needs. We have sample containers on hand to show you  the type of products on the market.
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Last updated: Wednesday, 06/06/2018
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