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Pier Improvement Projects


ramprz Pier Bridge Ramp Pedestrian Improvements - Safety adjustments are being made to the pier ramp by way of expanding the pedestrian walkways to a 10 foot area moved to one side of the ramp and lowering the sidewalks to original grade in order to bring the rail height to appropriate proportion. The pedestrian walking area will be protected from vehicular traffic by concrete barriers or "k-rails". This initiative was brought by the Police Chief to ensure proper safety environment for pedestrians and bicyclists using the brigde to access the pier. View the council approved staff report here. Minor disruptions to traffic are expected however access to the pier via the bridge for pedestrians and vehicles will remain open. more info...

project status: Complete!

Gallery @ the West End

The Gallery @ the West End 

The Gallery @ the West End is a revitalization project of the west end viewing deck behind Mariasol Restaurant. The space, which is also available for private rental, now features a beautiful wall mural providing a look-back to a summer's day on the pier, circa 1941. 

project status: Now open to the public

necklightsrz    New LED lights to replace existing fixtures around the Carousel Building, outside deck pendant lights, walk-way pole lights and neck lace lighting around the perimeter of the pier structure. Energy efficient lighting upgrades partly possible due to the Energy Efficient and Conservation Block Grant are expected to ultimately reduce energy needs up to ninety percent. 

project status: Completed Summer 2012


North Entrance Staircase - The staircase by the North Entrance (alongside Bubba Gump Shrimp Company) will be rebuilt to improve the safety of the feature and ease of access to the beach.  Photo courtesy of Joy Peters Photography.

project status: Soon to Begin 

pierbridge Pier Bridge - As a result of federal funds received to replace existing bridge structure to meet accessibility and safety standards of the rest of the pier, consultants have been chosen to begin work on a design.
more info 

project status: Initial Design Stage 


Pier deck board replacement and repair - Done by the City Maintenance Staff, boards are periodically replaced or reinforced where there is evidence of damage and wear.

project status: Ongoing  


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