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HEALTH TIP: Get the shot!  Prevent the Flu!

While pandemic flu is of great concern, seasonal flu causes a great deal of illnesses and death every year.  Preventive measures such as frequent hand washing and getting your annual flu shot are ways to keep healthy.

While the flu shot is especially important for those who are most likely to get very sick from flu (such as the elderly and infants), anyone wishing to get the shot should do so. Even if you are not concerned about getting the flu, people rarely keep their illnesses to themselves—avoid spreading the flu to others. Get the shot and help to keep our communities healthy.

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Seasonal Flu

When sick; get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and stay home to keep from getting others sick.

  • Simple over-the-counter medicines are usually all people need to feel better (pain relievers, cough drops, etc.).
  • Children should never be given aspirin when they have the flu since it may cause a rare but serious condition called Reye’s Syndrome.
  • Remember, antibiotics don’t work for flu viruses.  Most people will not need to see a doctor when they have the flu, but if symptoms become very severe (problems breathing, and extreme weakness) and if fever lasts for more than 2-3 days, call your doctor.

Pandemic Influenza

Many of the simple steps to prepare for a flu pandemic are what you should do for a wide range of other emergencies, these include:

  • Talk to your family members.  It is important to think about the health issues that could affect you and your family during a pandemic or other emergency.
  • Store food and water.  During a pandemic, you and your family may not be able to get to a store, so it is important to have water and food items that won’t spoil.
  • Create a medical supply kit and a family emergency health information sheet.  Include prescription medications, pain relievers, stomach remedies, cough and cold remedies, and first aid materials.  List the important medical information that you might need for all of your family, such as: serious health conditions, allergies, and medications that you and your family need. 

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