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 SMOAID E Newsletter  

Santa Monica Organizations Active In Disaster (SMOAID) is a coalition of local businesses, city government, non-profits, service organizations, and Santa Monica residents that strives to prepare the Santa Monica community to respond to and recover from emergencies. 

SMOAID was developed immediately following Hurricane Katrina in September 2005, in order to meet the needs of the 250 families who evacuated the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. Representatives from many Santa Monica service, city government, and faith based organizations were part of the initial SMOAID program.

Once SMOAID’s initial mission was complete, (to meet the needs of those impacted by Hurricane Katrina who arrived in Santa Monica), the City of Santa Monica and the American Red Cross of Santa Monica decided it should continue to meet regularly to strengthen and improve emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for Santa Monica. 

Past SMOAID events include:

  • One Stop Prep Shop for Emergency Preparedness
  • Santa Monica Pet Emergency Preparedness Fairs
  • Business Emergency Planning Workshops
  • Crisis Communication Training
  • Pandemic Flu Seminar

SMOAID members include:

  • Rand Corporation
  • MTV Networks
  • Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District
  • Westside Food Bank
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
  • Saint John's Hospital
  • UCLA Santa Monica Hospital
  • American Red Cross of Santa Monica


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