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Office of Emergency Management

I've Got 7

Are you prepared, Santa Monica? 

Disasters have demonstrated the need for individuals, communities, businesses, schools, and others to be prepared with supplies lasting for up to seven days.  The I've Got 7 Emergency Preparedness Program encourages people and organizations to follow these seven steps for being prepared for emergencies.

  1. Stocking food and water for up to 7 days 
  2. Storing preparedness supplies including a radio, flashlight and first aid kit
  3. Participate in emergency training programs, such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and First Aid/CPR Training
  4. Have cash: banks and ATMs may not be in service following a disaster
  5. Put aside clothing and bedding, especially blankets and sturdy shoes
  6. Maintain a packet of  important documents, medications, and special needs materials for everyone in the household, including pets
  7. Organize a contact information sheet for family and friends, include children's schools, work phone numbers and out of state contacts


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For more tips, download any of these brochures:

 I've Got 7 Brochure  New Pet Brochure Cover Business Preparedness Brochure Cover_Revised 11-2012(1)






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