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Sustainable Technology Policies


The City of Santa Monica has an existing policy that instructs all employees who purchase, lease or use office equipment to specify energy-efficient office equipment and identify ways to use the equipment in the most energy-efficient manner possible.  Desktop computers have a higher standard applied and require EPEAT registration at the bronze level or higher.
ISD manages the Computer Equipment Replacement Program, responsible for the product lifecycle of over 1,600 City desktop computers.  In addition to enforcing the city’s energy-efficiency policies, ISD completes a systemic analysis of all prospective technology purchases during testing that includes a sustainability category.


When hardware is due for replacement, our first goal is to extend the product lifecycle as long as the technology is still within sustainability standards.  Desktops and servers due for replacement and still operational are donated to local nonprofit organizations.  If you are a local nonprofit organization that would like to request hardware, please click here.


Hardware that is no longer operational, or not within sustainability standards, is transferred to a local electronic equipment recycler.  The City of Santa Monica has regularly scheduled Household Hazardous and Electronics Waste Collection Events.  For the next scheduled pick up and more information on the city’s sustainability policies please visit the Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

Did You Know?

The International Association of Electronics Recyclers projects that 1 billion computers will be scrapped worldwide by 2010, at a rate of 100 million units per year (PSI, 2006). Computers and other office electronics consume 74 billion kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 7 million households (PSI, 2003).

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