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Procurement Policies

Sustainability Preferences

When proposed sustainable technology performs equal or superior than non-sustainable methods and is within budgeted costs of the project, the sustainable technology is preferred. A current example is the city’s selection of Hewlett Packard’s desktops for our Computer Equipment Replacement Program. We selected the HP ENERGY STAR® 8100 Elite Desktop PC and ZR22w monitor, with an 85% efficient power supply, manufactured from 25% recycled resin in the chassis, and ENERGY STAR®5.0, EPEAT® Gold and TCO Displays 5.0. The city’s selection of virtual servers in favor of physical servers, when possible, further demonstrates our sustainability preferences. Vendors should be aware of and consider the city’s sustainability goals when proposing technology, and include sustainability data in product demos and presentations.

Payment Process

While most government vendors are aware of government procurement policies, there are some vendors still unfamiliar with the payment process. When the city purchases equipment or software, a purchase order (“P.O.”) is established and funds are reserved. When the city receives the fully functioning order, the city disburses payment.

Bulk equipment and service orders are purchased with a contract. The contract approval process may involve multiple levels of approval on legal language, terms, cost negotiation, services, City Council approval, management approval, etc. Please maintain contact with your project manager throughout this process for updates. Contract payments are typically limited to the percentage of project completion, percentage of total product, services rendered in project phase, or other stipulations agreed to in contract terms.

Therefore, the city typically does not issue payment prior to receipt of goods or services, unless stipulated by contract terms on a very rare occasion. ISD’s typical purchases are paid by purchase order or contract payment after goods are delivered. If this is an issue for your company, you may wish to reconsider doing business with the city as this is our standard procedure and typical in local, state, and federal government acquisitions. If your technology shipment was confirmed received by ISD, you may request status on payment by emailing ISD. Please allow 3-4 weeks for standard payment processing.
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