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RFPs and RFQs

One of the most important factors in submitting a successful RFP is preparation. A vendor that is not prepared could realize time constraints prevent a response before the deadline, due to an inability to meet city policies or simply not being aware of the city's future project plans.  The easiest way to learn of future RFP/RFQ opportunities is to review our department Work Plan.

Before a vendor submits a response to an RFP/RFQ, the company may wish to consider approved vendor status with the City of Santa Monica. An approved vendor has completed and verified the following items:

  1. Obtained a business license with the City of Santa Monica (allow processing time)
  2. Verified company meets the appropriate insurance requirements
  3. Reviewed and is able to meet city policies that may apply to the RFP—Oaks Initiative, Living Wage Ordinance, insurance, etc.
  4. Registered with PlanetBids and requested notification of RFP/RFQs with the City of Santa Monica
Please click here to register with PlanetBids and view current RFP/RFQs with the City of Santa Monica.

Obtaining the appropriate insurance forms may require assistance from your insurance provider, and obtaining a business license with the city requires processing time. The city welcomes all competitive bids and is more interested in comparing expertise, technology, and costs. However, we abide by all city policies and will need to remove any unqualified bids from the review process. Therefore, if you plan to do business with the city, you may wish to consider completing all requirements for approved vendor status. Not only will you meet the general requirements to bid, you will receive notification when new RFPs/RFQs are active.


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