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One of the most celebrated ISD services offered to the public is the city’s free Wi-Fi service. Recently, our Wi-Fi service hit a milestone when it was granted its own service mark and is now officially known as City Wi-FiSM. More importantly, the Information Systems Department is proud to announce a total of 25 active City Wi-FiSM hot zones. Some of the most frequented (hottest) Wi-Fi hot zones include the Annenberg Community Beach House, the Third Street Promenade, and Palisades Park; whereby students from Santa Monica College, UCLA, international travelers, and residents can use free Wi-Fi to research, work, update social networking accounts, and enjoy the Santa Monica atmosphere and cultural vibe.

In an effort to accommodate the growing usage of City Wi-FiSM, the bandwidth was increased five times the prior capacity to improve connection speeds. In response to the significant increase of malware attacks through the Internet, a new security-filtering appliance was implemented to help protect public laptops and portable devices from malware. ISD continues to expand City Wi-FiSM to additional Santa Monica open space and public buildings to provide broadband services to the public. 

 Please review our City Wi-FiSM Hotzone Map and find the nearest - or hottest - Wi-Fi hotzone.

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