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Core Mission Areas

Customer Service

Continue to research and implement customer-oriented solutions that align with current social norms and technology standards. Obtain input from stakeholders and encourage consensus by providing comprehensive data in the decision-making process. Notify potential affected users of planned maintenance and keep users informed of issue resolution progress.


Deliver government information and services to residents and stakeholders. Maintain secure, reliable, and cutting-edge networks for the city and community to support businesses and quality of life for residents and visitors.


Support sustainability initiatives of all city departments and community with data on prospective technologies, feasibility, cost estimates, and recommendations. Apply department sustainability standards to technology purchases and operational procedures.


Formulate and promote technology policies that enhance quality of life and enable continued technological innovation. Conduct unbiased, objective, and pragmatic technological research to solve community issues when standard solutions are ineffective or not viable. Implement new software systems and deploy networks to support technology solutions that achieve community goals and objectives.

Process Reengineering

Identify opportunities to apply technology to current operational tasks that could increase value to the community given a process or technology change. Leverage the combined skill sets and strengths of our department, other city departments, and stakeholders to collaborate and develop innovative solutions that reflect the goals of the community.

Technical Support/Training

Provide technical support for new technology implementations, maintenance, and incident tickets resolution. Technical support is evaluated by the effectiveness of the solution, efficiency, timely communication to affected users, and maintains the highest customer service standards. Offer training for city staff and residents on technology topics of interest to maintain a tech-savvy community.
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