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GISmap250 Our on-line GIS tools enable you to work with map data using your web browser instead of GIS software installed on your computer. This provides easy access to city-wide data. Make sure to turn off your popup blocker when using our interactive map applications.

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SM MAP – Santa Monica Mapping Application Platform

SM MAP displays property information from the Los Angeles County Assessor. Zoning, General Plan (Land Use), city services such as street sweeping and trash collection as well as environmental layers can be drawn over street maps or aerial basemaps. Please read “Here are some basic functions” on the left panel for help getting started.

Interactive Map Guide

Interactive Zoning Map is a mapping system which provides public access to crime data in the City of Santa Monica and other cities and counties that provide data to the system. The Santa Monica data is available for crimes that have been reported within the last 90 days and is updated daily. Crime data may be searched by crime type within the proximity to an address, intersection, or landmark, or for the entire City.  Summary reports of the data and maps may be printed.  The system also offers a mobile app for the iOS platform, available in the Apple App Store.

Center Line Ties and Benchmarks 

This map shows the locations of all of the Street Centerline Ties and Benchmarks throughout the City.



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