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ISD manages and supports all electronic government communication channels, including the city’s website management, email accounts, social networking accounts, and the city’s GoRequest iPhone App.

Business Services

We keep Santa Monica businesses competitive in their industries and support data exchanges with their global partners by offering a 10 Gb/s fiber optic network and co-location services.  Santa Monica City NetSM supports a thriving tech and entertainment sector in Santa Monica with cutting edge network solutions that enable efficient data exchanges with business partners.

Developers and commercial property owners working on new construction or building expansions in the city have the opportunity to use our interactive map data or request paper maps with aerial photography of the building footprint.

Unified Communications

We look for opportunities to use advanced technology solutions to provide excellent customer service for our residents and businesses. Staff is currently implementing Microsoft Exchange 2010, Presence (the ability of a device or person to communicate with others and display levels of availability) and video conferencing for enhanced communications with the city.

Help Desk

ISD Help Desk provides technical support on all city hardware and software products using an electronic ticketing system. Help Desk applies city technology and sustainability standards to purchases for city departments. Our Help Desk helps increase the level of customer service city-wide by providing technical training courses on topics such as Customer Service, Project Management, Crystal Reports, GIS software, Windows 7, and Microsoft Office 2010. Our Help Desk group goes beyond the typical “reboot” process by conducting formal incident investigations and completing a Root Cause Analysis to determine options and recommend solutions.

Asset Management

AssetMgmt100Proper documentation of assets is important to any institution, but particularly governments that need to ensure proper use of public funds. When hardware and software is purchased by the city, ISD adds the technology to the city’s asset management system to track the acquisition, use, transfer or equipment move, and disposal of the asset for donation or recycling. By tracking and maintaining current valuation of the assets through depreciation schedules, the city can plan for and monitor use of technology assets.

Software Solutions

Enhancing Quality of Life - Homeless Count

An accurate count is essential to an objective measurement of the city’s ongoing priority to reduce homelessness. ISD worked with the Community & Cultural Services Department and local volunteers to complete Santa Monica’s 2010 Homeless Count. The Count was conducted in conjunction with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s Homeless Count ( and covered more than 226 linear miles, including all 19 of the city’s census tract areas.  Using our GIS data, we compiled a survey map book that consists of 57 census tract areas with detailed and up-to-date information such as building footprints, parcels, and address numbers. The map books were given to 51 Teams (26 on foot - 27 by car) and the results were geocoded to GIS shapefiles. The shapefiles were then posted on the OPIS Homeless Census application for critical analysis and management review.  This process was awarded a 2010 Technology Solutions Award by the Public Technology Institute. ISD will continue to be a part of the annual Homeless Count and utilize technology to increase the accuracy of the Homeless reporting data.

Streamlining Operations: mCARE

ISD worked with the Water Resources Division of Public Works to implement mCARE, a complete workforce automation application that leverages mobile and wireless technologies to optimize service order processes for the Water Resources Division. Through an easy to use web-based dispatch application, service orders generated by customer service representatives or the meter shop form a task list to be assigned to available field personnel. Field personnel "pick up" their orders right from their mobile device, record the results and upload the information back to the Utility Billing System upon completion of the work.

For more information regarding ISD's programs and services please review our detailed Work Plan

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