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Regular and probationary employees and eligible dependents are provided with vision care coverage under the VSP Vision Care plan. Note that medical plans may also provide coverage for vision care by certain providers.  If you are enrolled in the Kaiser plan, you may also be able to use the optometric services for prescribed eyewear.


VSP Summary of Benefits


Coordination of Benefits

Out-of-Network Reimbursement Claim


VSP Summary of Benefits

Vision Service Evidence of Coverage (EOC)





NOTE: Enrolled dependents may be covered under medical plans until age 26, regardless of student, marital or IRS-dependent status.   

To find the right VSP participating vision provider, you may select from a list of many providers by going to their website or calling their customer service at:  

 VSP Vision Care
    (800) 877-7195  

All you need to do is make your appointment with the VSP provider.  You do not need a VSP i.d. card and there are no claim forms to complete.  



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