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An additional retirement savings plan (defined contribution plan) is available to all regular employees on a voluntary basis.  This 457(b) deferred compensation plan allows you to save pre-tax dollars for your retirement while you are employed.  The plan is administered through Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS).    

Nationwide Retirement Solutions  

Member Services (877) 677-3678  

NRS representatives are on-site on a monthly basis for individual appointments. 

Reminder:  You may change the amount of your payroll deductions or decrease your deductions at any time.  You may also change the allocation of your investments and your selection of investment funds at any time. 

For employees in employee groups that have established 401(a) plans, contributions to that plan are mandatory.  More information about the 401 (a) plan is available on the Summary of Plan Provisions.  Those employees may voluntarily participate in the 457(b) plan, as well.  For more information, please review this Guide on Roth 457 (b) contributionsThe plan is also administered by NRS.  

Enrollment Forms:

Nationwide 457 Enrollment Form

Nationwide 401(a) Enrollment Form

Nationwide 401(a) Waiver Form

Nationwide Change Form

Nationwide PEHP Enrollment Form

Nationwide PEHP Claim Form

Nationwide PEHP Transfer Form

Nationwide Beneficiary Form

Election and Authorization for Withdrawl/Employer Certification (Fire Only)

Distribution Forms:

Nationwide 457 Distribution Form

Nationwide 401(a) Distribution Form

Nationwide Plan to Plan Transfer Form


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