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The City of Santa Monica’s Rideshare Club benefit provides incentives to employees who share the ride. Spend less time on the road; keep more money in your pocket; enjoy your commute to work and help keep our environment clean. Regular employees and temporary/as-needed employees with 6 months of continuous service are eligible to participate.

Commuter Club - The City of Santa Monica Commuter Club provides incentive points for employees who rideshare – i.e. bike, carpool, drive an electric scooter, walk or catch a bus in their commute to/from work.  You are part of the Commuter Club if you drive or mix up various ridesharing options. Commuter Club forms are available here each month. Participants should complete the form using the proper letter code for their mode of transportation.  You earn incentive points each day you rideshare. Points are exchanged quarterly for extra money on your paycheck. A carpool is when two or more people ride at least 51% of the trip to/from work together. Your co-carpooler does not have to work for the City of Santa Monica for you to be eligible. You will not receive incentive points for driving children who do not have a driver license.  

Club Bylaws:   

pink_bullet Participants in the Commuter Club must earn a minimum of 4 incentive points per month. 


pink_bullet A maximum of 40 incentive points per month allowed.


pink_bullet Big Blue Bus employees may not earn Commuter Club incentive points for Big Blue Bus transit use. 


pink_bullet Reward point reimbursements will be distributed quarterly.

Transit Club - The City of Santa Monica Transit Club provides riders of mass transit fare reimbursement of travel costs to and from work.  The Transit Club benefit includes bus, light rail (subway), and train modes of transportation.  Travel reimbursements provided of up to $84 per month for bus and up to $100 per month for rail.   

Club Bylaws:   

pink_bullet Employees do not have to forfeit their parking cards to receive this benefit.


pink_bullet Employees qualify who have at least 15 round trips per month.


pink_bullet Passes/tokens are for employee use for work commuting purposes only and are not transferable.   

Transit Club Form

Rail Reimbursement Form 

Vanpool Subsidy Club -  The City of Santa Monica Vanpool Subsidy Club provides up to $100 per month to each City employee who participates in a qualifying vanpool.  Each vanpool may qualify for an additional $400 per month from Metro.  For those employees who wish to join or start a vanpool, please contact (310)458-8956.  

Club Bylaws:   

pink_bullet Must have five or more commuters to qualify.


pink_bullet Gas is the vanpool responsibility.


pink_bullet Van pool drivers must be 25 years of age with a reasonably clean driving record.  





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