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Address Change:  If you move to a new address, Human Resources must be notified. Human Resources will update personnel files and notify payroll, health insurance carriers, CalPERS, and deferred compensation. You can obtain the address change form by stopping by HR, or you can download the form from the City's intranet (e-Desk) site. 

Notification Reminders:  It is important to contact Benefits staff within 30 days of one one of the following events so that your personnel records and benefits file can be updatd.  If an event occurs and you are not sure of your obligations, notify Benefits staff for assistance as soon as possible.

  • Marriage, birth, or adoption of a child:  Within 30 days of the event, the dependent must be added to your health coverage. Documentation, such as a marriage or birth certificate, will be required. Most plans allow the addition of a domestic partner, but may be subject to certain procedures. 
  • Divorce:  Within 30 days of the event, the employee must delete the ex-spouse from coverage. The final divorce decree must be provided as well as the mailing address for the ex-spouse. The City must provide continuation coverage (COBRA) information to the ex-spouse according to federal laws. Under terms of insurance contracts, the ex-spouse is not an eligible dependent. An employee who fails to delete an ex-spouse in a timely manner could be responsible for repaying the City premiums paid on behalf of the ex-spouse. Note: your CalPERS retirement and deferred compensation funds may be subject to California community property laws in the event of a divorce. 
  • Death: In the event of the death of a dependent, please notify Benefits staff in order to delete dependent from any benefit coverage. Staff will also provide necessary forms to update beneficiary information, if needed.  In the event of the death of an employee, Benefits staff will assist the family in applying for applicable benefits. 
  • Over-age Dependents: If your dependent child no longer meets the criteria for eligibility for health insurance, notify Benefits staff within 30 days in order to delete dependent from coverage. Health insurance terminates at the end of the birthday month. Benefits staff will also provide continuation coverage information (COBRA) for the dependent.

Dependents: A dependent is your spouse, domestic partner, or child. A child dependent is your natural born child, legally adopted child, step child, or a child you have legal guardianship over. Please contact Benefits staff if you need further clarification.

  • Blue Shield, Kaiser, PERS Plans: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act extends dependent coverage up to the age of 26 for medical coverage only.  Your dependent can continue medical coverage without being a full-student effective January 1, 2011.
  • Delta Dental, VSP & EAP: These benefits were not part of the Health Care Act, The City will allow dependents to continue coverage under these plans until age 26, full time student status will not be required. (Note:If your child loses coverage under the above health plans because of age, continuation coverage may be available through the COBRA mandate.  You must notify Benefits staff within 30 days of the dependent reaching the age of 26.       
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