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STATE DISABILITY INSURANCE (SDI)   Regular and probationary employees in specified bargaining units (MEA, PALSSU, and IBT only) may be eligible for State Disability Insurance (SDI) administered by the State of California’s Employment Development Department.  SDI provides for partial wage replacement when an eligible employee has an injury or illness that prevents them from performing their usual and customary duties.  SDI is typically for a short duration, not to exceed one year.  For general information about the program, see:  

    EDD Flyer

LONG TERM DISABILITY (LTD)  The City provides regular and probationary employees in non-sworn bargaining units with long-term disability insurance.  This benefit provides employees with partial salary coverage during periods of extended qualifying disabilities.  Additional information is available in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding or the following Summary Plan Description. 

 Summary of Benefits:

            EPP, HRO, PAU, SUE, RCM, ATA, MTA. FEMA
            MEA, IBT, EAC, RCL, STA, PALSSU 

Plan Documents-
What plan covers and how benefits are paid.
          Class 1: ATA, EPP, FEMA, HRO, MTA, PAU, RCM, SUE
          Class 2: CCM, EAC, IBT, MEA, PALSSU, RCL, STA
          Class 3: SMART

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