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Human Resources



Mission Statement

The Mission of the Human Resources Department is to: attract and retain the next generation of leaders, cultivate a culture of accountability, empowerment and leadership, and reinforce a civil and equitable workplace.

Departmental Role

The Human Resources Department provides a full range of human resources services for the City’s employees and its various departments. Human resources activities include recruitment and selection of candidates to fill vacant positions; establishment and review of position classification and compensation; equal employment opportunity compliance; performance evaluation program; training; organizational development and employee development; administration of employee benefits, services, and programs; personnel record keeping; labor relations; and employee relations, including discipline and administration of Federal and State employment laws.

Code of Ethics:

To continue to preserve public trust and to help ensure that City decisions adhere to our code of ethics of Fairness, Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency the City ethics hotline is available 24/7 at:

(844) 4-SMETHIC / (844) 476-8442


Administrative Services Division: 

The Chief People Officer oversees the Administrative Services Division which provides administrative oversight and leadership to all the divisions of the Human Resources Department. Functions of the Administrative Services Division include but are not limited to: establishing organizational human resource policy and departmental budget preparation and fiscal tracking; maintaining the HR/Payroll and compensation systems; staff report preparation; management of the department’s records retention and the facilitation of the Santa Monica Personnel Board. Through a team of HR professionals, we promote a culture that reflects the City’s progressive values and ensures the highest levels of service to the City’s departments and workforce.

Lori Gentles            -      Chief People Officer
Mark Brower           -      Deputy Director (323) 449-2027,
Grace Quitzon         -      Senior Human Resources Analyst
Carolyn Connolly     -      HRIS Analyst
Sasha Sargent        -       Executive Administrative Assistant
Chuck Palacio         -        Fiscal Technician
Amy Ly                  -        HR Technician
Richard Slugoski     -        HR Technician
Taryn Bishop          -         HR Technician

Organizational Development and Employee Relations Division: 

The Labor and Employee Relations Division is responsible for reinforcing a civil and equitable workplace. The Division negotiates and administers labor agreements with the City’s various employee associations; provides assistance to departments regarding employee performance issues and disciplinary matters; ensures City compliance with all Federal and State employment laws; and investigates employee complaints. Additionally, the Division administers the interactive/reasonable accommodation process and monitors compliance of various leave programs such as the Family and Medical Leave and California Family Rights Acts. The Division Human Resources Manager is responsible for labor negotiations for the City.  The Organizational Development team is responsible for cultivating a culture of accountability, empowerment and leadership. The Division provides services that focus on the development and retention of our workforce. The Division facilitates training, organizational development and employee engagement opportunities within the City of Santa Monica to provide professional development for employees and enhance the organizational culture.

Shawn Weiske  -      Human Resources Manager
Ericka Reinke  -      Senior Human Resources Analyst
Sarah Rebensdorf  -      Senior Human Resources Analyst   
Doris Mejia  -      Human Resources Analyst
Inshirah Mabson  - Human Resources Analyst

Benefits, Employment and Classification Division: 

The Benefits, Employment and Classification Division engages in efforts to establish the City of Santa Monica as an employer of choice by retaining and attracting the next generation of leaders. The Division handles all recruitment, selection and certification of qualified candidates supporting all City Departments. The Division also manages all job classifications within the City and conducts studies to ensure classifications are relevant and meet the operational needs of City Departments. The HR staff serves as business partners using a consultative approach with City Departments when delivering business services to assist them in meeting their staffing needs as well as serving the public in their search for career opportunities with the City of Santa Monica.  The Division also administers, coordinates, and provides information related to employee health benefits, employee wellness, deferred compensation, retirement, new employee orientation, and employee recognition programs.

Michael Arnoldus  -      Human Resources Manager
Amanda Elek-Truman  -      Human Resources Analyst   
Mia Engel     - Human Resources Analyst   
Rebecca Ortiz     - Human Resources Analyst   
Merle Wynn     - Human Resources Analyst   
Rosie Cruz     - Human Resources Analyst
Aaron Harris  -  Human Resources Technician   
Jenn Yazzie  -  Staff Assistant III
Jennifer Garcia  -      Benefits Specialist
Diane Esquivel  -      Benefits Specialist

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