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Santa Monica Housing and Economic Development

Redevelopment Project Areas

The former Santa Monica Redevelopment Agency oversaw four Redevelopment Project Areas. Click here for a PDF map of the Project Areas.

Project Area Map

The Downtown Redevelopment Project Area was adopted in 1976 and encompasses 9.9 acres in the downtown core of Santa Monica, bounded by Broadway to the north, 4th Street to the east, Colorado Avenue to the south, and 2nd Street to the west.  The project consists of Santa Monica Place, a large retail center that is owned and operated by the Macerich Company. The project also includes two City-owned parking structures that provide 1,843 parking spaces.  Santa Monica Place underwent a substantial remodel and re-opened in August 2010.  As part of the remodel, the former Redevelopment Agency made significant improvements to Parking Structures 7 & 8, including renovating the façades, converting the structures to full-day attendant parking, and installing parking controls.  

 Downtown Project Area

The Earthquake Recovery Redevelopment Project Area was established in 1994 and encompasses 2.89 square miles, bounded by Cloverfield Boulevard and 26th Street to the east, Pacific Coast Highway/Beach Promenade to the west, Pico Boulevard to the south, and Montana Avenue to the north. It includes the structures predominantly damaged in the January 1994 Northridge earthquake.  Approximately 90 percent of all red-tagged and 60 percent of all yellow-tagged buildings in the City were in this project area.  To date, the Earthquake Recovery Project has funded substantial disaster prevention and mitigation, commercial revitalization, community revitalization and institutional projects.  

 Earthquake Project Area

The Ocean Park Redevelopment Project Area 1A was adopted in 1960 and amended in 1967. The project area is 25 acres bounded by Ocean Park Blvd. to the north, Neilson Way to the east, Ocean Park Project 1B to the south and the state beach parking lots and beach to the west. The project area contains two 17-story, 250 rental unit high-rise buildings known as Santa Monica Shores and is surrounded by the Sea Colony condominium project, which consists of 340 condominium units.  Ocean View Park is a public park located in the center of the project area facing the ocean. Development was completed in 1987. 

 Ocean Park 1A

The Ocean Park Redevelopment Project Area 1B was formed in 1961 and amended in 1965, 1971, and 1972, principally to change the permitted land uses.   The project area consists of 8 acres bounded by Ocean Park Redevelopment Project Area 1A to the north, Neilson Way to the east, the City limit to the south, and state beach parking lots and the beach to the west. The project area contains two senior citizen residential apartment complexes, Neilson Villas and Barnard Park Villas, which contain 100 and 61 rental units, respectively.  A former utility building within the project area was adapted into offices and art storage for the Eli Broad Trust Art Foundation. Development was completed in 1983.  

 Ocean Park 1B

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