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Santa Monica Housing and Economic Development

2012-05-30 Special Meeting Agenda

 Santa Monica Redevelopment Successor Agency

Oversight Board



Ken Edwards Center 

1527 4th Street, Room 106, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Wednesday, May 30, 2012




(Public comment is restricted only to items listed on this agenda.) 


                  1-A:     Minutes April 16, 2012      

                                 1. Minutes from April 16, 2012 Special Meeting


            2-A:     Oversight Board Legal Counsel Services

                        i.    Report from Ad-Hoc Commitee                          

                        ii.   Presentation by prospective firms

                                1. Green, de Bortnowsky & Quintanilla, LLP - Proposal to provide legal services

                                2. Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP - Proposal to provide legal services

                                3. Stein & Lubin LLP - Proposal to provide legal services

                        iii.  Discussion and potential action

            2-B:     Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS)    

                        i.   Communications with California Department of Finance (DOF)

                                1. 5/9/12 - Successor Agency letter to DOF regarding ROPS (July-December 2012)

                                2. 5/11/12 - Successor Agency letter to DOF regarding ROPS (July-December 2012)

                                3. 5/15/12 - DOF letter concerning ROPS (January-June 2012 and July-December 2012)

                                4. 5/16/12 - Amended ROPS (January-June 2012 and July-December 2012) to DOF

                                5. 4/23/12 - Approved ROPS (January-June 2012 and July-December 2012) highlighted with line item amendments

                                6. 5/16/12 - Successor Agency letter to DOF regarding ROPS (July-December 2012)

                                7. 5/22/12 - DOF Letter concerning ROPS (January-June 2012 and July-December 2012)

                                8. 5/29/12 - Successor Agency Letter to DOF concerning ROPS (January-June 2012)

                        ii. Template for future ROPS                   

                                1. ROPS Template Document

            2-C:     2002 Ocean Park Bond- Plan Limit Special Fund

                        i.  Discussion of use for bond repayment

            2-D:     Winding Down Agency Affairs

                        i.  Communication with State Controller

                                1. 3/15/12 - SCO Asset Transfer Letter and Forms

                                2. 4/16/12 - Successor Agency letter to SCO regarding Asset Transfer Forms

                                3. 4/20/12 - SCO Order to Reverse RDA Asset Transfer

                        ii.  Discussion of status of former RDA non-housing assets

                                1. List of Former RDA Properties

                                2. Property Profiles

                                3. Master Cooperation Agreement

                                4. First Implementing Agreement

                                5. Second Implementing Agreement


4.         ADJOURNMENT:


The Ken Edwards Center is wheelchair accessible. If you require any special disability related accommodations (i.e. sign language interpreting, access to an amplified sound system, etc.), please contact the Successor Agency Office at (310) 458-2232 or TDD: (310) 917-6626 at least 3 days prior to the scheduled meeting. This agenda is available in alternate format upon request by calling the Successor Agency Office.

Notices of Oversight Board meetings will initially be made available on the Santa Monica Successor Agency website at: Agenda

Once the Oversight Board website is available, the Successor Agency will have a link to the Oversight Board website.

Any member of the public unable to attend a meeting but wishing to comment on an item(s) listed on the agenda may submit written comments prior to the meeting by mailing them to: Santa Monica Redevelopment Successor Agency, 1901 Main Street, Suite D, Santa Monica, CA  90405.  Comments can also be sent via e-mail to: successor

Any documents produced by the Successor Agency and distributed to a majority of the Oversight Board regarding any ítems on this agenda will be made available at 1901 Main Street, Suite D, Santa Monica, CA  90405.  Documents are also available at successor

Parking is available at the Civic Center parking structure, at the corner of 4th Street and Olympic Blvd. (parking validation free).

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