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Income & Rent Limits



The City has implemented various inclusionary housing programs since the late 1980's.  Inclusionary housing refers to residential developments where a portion of the homes are deed-restricted for occupancy by income-qualifying households, and in which rents or purchase prices are capped at below market rates.  Given a span of more than 25 years of creating affordable housing, the methodologies for determining income eligibility and maximum rents has evolved over time. 

The current inclusionary housing program is called the Affordable Housing Production Program (AHPP). The current income/rent limit methodology used for the AHPP was approved by the City Council in June 2013.  Please note that the particular income/rent limit methodology for inclusionary units is specified in an Agreement Imposing Restrictions on Real Property, between the developer and the City.  The chart that applies to a specific property depends on when that development was approved.  The easiest way to confirm which methodology and chart applies to your particular property is to call the Housing Division at 310-458-8702.

Income & Rent Limit Charts

[call Housing Division at 310-458-8702 to confirm which chart applies to your property]

The income/rent limit chart applicable to a property depends on when a development was approved and the specific Agreement (deed-restriction) associated with a property.  Generally, the evolution of the various income/rent methodologies fall into three categories, listed below:

For buildings built
late 80's - early 90's

For buildings built
early 90's to mid-2013
[prior to Ordinance 2429]

For building built
mid-2013 to current
[subject to Ordinance 2429]

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