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Fee - Tenant Relocation

Prior to calculating Relocation Fees please contact Building and Safety for a Plan Check and  a

Means and Method Plan to determine if Relocation payments are necessary





Housing Unit Type

2016 Relocation Fee

(effective 7/01/2016) 

Fee If Household Includes Senior/Disabled/Minor *
Single $ 9,050 $ 10,350
One Bedroom $ 13,900 $ 16,000
Two or More Bedrooms  $ 18,850 $ 21,650


* See Santa Monica Municipal Code section 4.36.040(d).

Note: Fee is updated annually based upon the most current available Consumer Price Index (CPI) figure on July 1st of each year.

Fee is pursuant to Santa Monica Municipal Code Section 4.36.040




(Per Section 4.36.100 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code)

Per Diem
Per Diem Expenses
Hotel or Motel   $155  
Meal Expenses   $29  
Laundry   $1  
Pet accommodations: Cat $28  
  Dog $51  
Hotel/Motel and Laundry per diem expenses are per day/per household. Meal Expenses are per day/per person.

Actual daily boarding cost for all other pets (The tenant must provide proof of actual boarding for the requested number of days.)

* The per diem expenses are adjusted annually on July 1st for inflation by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index ("CPI"). 

For additional information, please call Jim Kemper at (310) 458-8702.


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