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Santa Monica Housing and Economic Development

Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)






Who is Eligible to enroll in the FSS program?
To enroll in the FSS program a family must be a Santa Monica Housing Authority (SMHA) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) resident ant not owe any money to SMHA at the time of enrollment.


How can I enroll in the program?
Contact Gaby Cardenas, FSS program Manager, at St. Joseph's Center at (310) 396-6468 x314 or at
to schedule an appointment with an FSS case manager. The FSS case manager will discuss your enrollment in the program and assist you to develop short - and long-term self-sufficiency goals. Once this is done, you will sign an FSS Contract of Participation (COP) and periodically meet with your FSS case manager to discuss your progress in accomplishing your goals.










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