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Santa Monica Housing and Economic Development

- - Residential Rehabilitation Program

The purpose of the City of Santa Monica Residential Rehabilitation Program is to provide financial assistance in the form of grants for eligible repairs through the following two (2) options:

  1. Multifamily rental properties occupied primarily by low-income tenants (at least 51% of households); and
  2. Single-family properties occupied by low-income owners.

Low-income eligibility is based on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income requirements for low-income families in the Los Angeles area and is defined as incomes of no more than 80 percent of median income.

Interested property owners should read the Program Guidelines.  If your property qualifies for a grant please fill out the Residential Rehabilitation Program Application and submit the application to:

Residential Rehabilitation Program Administrator
City of Santa Monica
1901 Main Street, 1st Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90405

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