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Main Street Light and Sidewalk Cleaning Assessment Area

Resolution 10325 (CCS), adopted by City Council on July 22, 2008, confirmed the formation of the Main Street Business Area Festoon Lighting and Sidewalk Cleaning property-based improvement district, and authorized the levy of and placement of assessments on the property tax rolls each year.  

Uses for Funds: To increase the level of sidewalk cleaning on both Main Street and the side streets, and to finance the on-going operation and maintenance of the decorative lighting along Main Street including a one-time, overall bulb replacement project.  See the Engineer’s Report  for more detail.  

Boundaries: Main Street between Pico Blvd on the north, extending to the southern city boundary just south of Marine Street.    

Date Established: July 22, 2008  

Apportionment Methodology:  The assessment district was formed pursuant to the provisions of the Benefit Assessment Act of 1982.  The costs for the bulb replacement program and to operate the Festoon Lights along Main Street are spread among the properties adjacent to Main Street based on the area of the property, in acres, multiplied by the appropriate Benefit Factor.   The costs for the sidewalk cleaning are spread to the parcels directly adjacent to the sidewalks being cleaned based on the linear feet of frontage being cleaned.   

Exceptions: None.  Applies to all properties within the district.    

How Funds Are Collected: Assessments are collected by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s Office.    

Who Administers the Fund: The Main Street Business Improvement Association (MSBIA) will manage the new district.  

Approximate Size of Fund: $57,000.  The portion of the assessment devoted to lighting O & M and sidewalk cleaning may increase over time due to annual CPI increases.  

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