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1901 Main Street, Suite C
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Santa Monica Economica Development

Economic Development Division

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City of Santa Monica
Economic Development Division
1901 Main Street, Suite E
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Telephone: (310) 458-8906
Fax: (310) 391-9996


Economic Development Division 
Division Management; Pier Restoration
Corporation and Downtown Santa Monica, 
Inc., Liaison
Jason Harris
Economic Development Manager
(310) 458-8906
Division Assistance and Accounts Payable      Felix Landaverde
Division Assistant
(310) 458-8906
Business inquiries; Buy Local Santa Monica;   
Santa Monica Alliance; Pico BID Liaison;
Outdoor Dining Licenses; Special Projects
Jennifer Taylor
Economic Development Administrator   
(310) 458-2201 x6315
Pier Leasing; PBAD Administration; Special
Elana Buegoff
Senior Development Analyst/
Pier Leasing Manager
(310) 458-8763
Main Street BID Liaison; Special Property
Assessment Administrator; Real Estate
Management; Special Projects
Erika Cavicante
Senior Development Analyst
(310) 458-8756
Montana BID Liaison; Special Projects Nia Tang
Senior Development Analyst
(310) 458-2201 x5795
City Tenant Billing and Questions Claudia Kompa  

Executive Administrative Assistant

(310) 458-2251
Farmers Market
Farmers Market Program
Email: Farmers Market

Markets are open year round
rain or shine!
Ph#: (310) 458-8712
Fax: (310) 391-9996

Wednesday Market
Arizona & 2nd St.

Laura Avery 
Farmers Market Supervisor

Wednesday Market Manager

Saturday Downtown Market
Arizona & 3rd St. Promenade

Nicole Gordon
Farmers Market Coordinator I

Saturday Downtown Market Manager
Saturday Pico Market
Virginia Ave Park (Pico @ 22nd St)

Gina Quattrochi
Farmers Market Coordinator I

Interim Pico Market Manager

Ted Galvan
Farmers Market Coordinator I
Pico Market Manager

Sunday Main Street Market
Main St. & Ocean Park

Jodi Low 
Farmers Market Coordinator II
Main St. Market Manager

Billing and Education

Rufiena Jones-Soro
Farmers Market Assistant

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