November 2004 Municipal Election Information

City Council    
Rent Control   
School Board  
College Board  
Final Canvass Results  

  • MEASURE N - Shall the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) applied to hotel bills and paid by hotel guests only, be increased from 12 percent to 14 percent to bring it in line with TOT rates of neighboring communities and to generate an estimated additional $3.5 million annually to the City's General Fund for general city purposes including police, fire, libraries, parks and recreation, environmental protection, afterschool programs and community-use payments to the school district?
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  •  SANTA MONICA COLLEGE MEASURE S- Shall Santa Monica Community College District increase educational opportunities and raise student achievement; replace or repair deteriorating buildings; construct and equip laboratories, childcare centers and learning resources; meet new needs in emerging technologies; achieve energy savings; improve or acquire real property for fields and instructional use; improve access and availability; reduce costs through potential partnerships; and complete earthquake repairs by issuing, at interest rates within legal limits, $135 million in bonds with citizens' oversight, annual performance and financial audits?
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