Financial backers of Measure HH don't tell you that Measure HH drastically reduces your
in local government, by
  • Limiting your vote to only one city council seat.  Presently you have the right to vote for all seven seats.  Measure HH takes six of your votes away.  That's why only 7% of California cities have this form of government - and most of this handful of cities are significantly larger in size and population.
  • Undermining choice and accountability.  Under Measure HH, six councilmembers no longer need to listen to you - or your neighborhood - to win.  You currently have seven councilmembers you can approach on any issue.  Measure HH takes that away, dividing the city artificially, pitting one neighborhood against another, particularly on development.
  • Radically shifting power by concentrating control in a new, veto-wielding mayor.  Less than 10% of California cities operate this way.  But Measure HH goes even further - creating a "gatekeeper" mayor special interests will want to buy - a "boss" with unprecedented powers to both control the city's agenda and veto your elected representative at will.

          Presently, the mayoral role is ceremonial.  Why change and concentrate power in one
          person, when we value democracy?

  • Increasing the corrupting role of big money in local elections.  The excessive concentration of power in the "boss-style" mayor will attract enormous special interest money seeking to buy control of city government.

      Why don't Measure HH's financial backers tell you this?  Because they seek control of our

     VOTE NO on Measure HH.

Michael Feinstein,
Mayor, City of Santa Monica

Karen Carrey, President,
League of Woman Voters of Santa Monica

Herb Katz,
City Councilmember, City of Santa Monica

Darrell Goode,
Santa Monica/Venice Branch President, NAACP

Jim Glew,
Vice-President, Santa Monica Firefighters Union


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