Final Canvass Results


  • MEASURE EE - To provide academic achievement and safety for school children, shall the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District be authorized to levy a special tax limited to $300 per parcel per annum for a 12 year period, adjusted annually using the CPI-U?

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  • MEASURE FF - Shall the City Charter's provisions governing eviction from controlled rental units be amended to extend protections to the spouses, children or domestic partners of tenants who die or become incapacitated, to clarify that the term "housing service" includes the number of tenants authorized to occupy a unit, to clarify how rent increases authorized by state law are computed, to clarify the remedies for unlawful attempts to recover possession, to create specified protections against evictions for occupying tenants who replace authorized co-tenants or subtenants, and to require that the Municipal Code contain protections against tenant harassment?

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  • MEASURE GG - Shall the City Charter be amended to increase Rent Control Board members' compensation from $75.00 to $150.00 per meeting, with a limit of $6,000.00 per year, and to provide that they shall receive health care benefits?

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  • MEASURE HH - Shall the City Charter and Municipal Code be amended to change the system of electing City Council members by creating City Council districts, imposing term limits for Council members, and establishing a municipal primary election with runoffs in the fall, to add to the seven-member Council a mayor, who would be elected City-wide and would serve as the Council=s non-voting chairperson, and to change the process for Council actions by giving the mayor the power to veto Council actions, including emergency actions, which veto could be nullified if a specified number of Council members vote to override it?

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  • MEASURE II - Shall the City Charter be amended to establish procedures for converting apartment buildings, trailer parks and other rental housing to condominiums or other common ownership housing, which would be exempt from certain planning and zoning laws, and procedures for allowing tenants to either become owners or continue as tenants with specified rights and protections?

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  • MEASURE KK - Shall the City Charter be amended to eliminate the restriction on the percentage of TORCA tax revenues that can be used to develop or subsidize low income housing so that any portion of the TORCA revenues, except those used for administrative costs, can be used for low income housing?

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