Measure HH would drastically reduce your voice in local government.  Vote NO on Measure HH.

Representation - Currently residents can vote for all seven city council seats.  Elections are held in November when turnout is highest.

*  Measure HH would limit your vote to only one council seat, greatly reducing your voice.

Accountability & Choice - Currently, elected officials must know and be responsive to the entire community to win.  Residents have seven different council members they can approach on each issue.  This increases the likelikood that you will find one or more councilmembers who share your perspective, as issues vary.

*  Measure HH would relieve six councilmembers from having to listen to you - or your

*  Measure HH would also radically shift power by concentrating control into a single
- a new, dominant "boss-style" Mayor.

   This individual would unilaterally wield unprecedented legislative and executive power to
   control the City's agenda and veto the Council at will.

   How much voice would you have if one individual could override your one councilmember?

   How much money would special interests be willing to spend to elect the single most powerful
   position in the city?

Measure HH would also:

*  Divide the city, pitting one neighborhood against another.

*  Prolong the election season, increasing the cost to run.

*  Waste taxpayer money, by requiring a second election for most seats.

*  Reduce voter turnout - fewer people vote in spring elections.

Ballot measures should be clear, concise and single-issue focused.  There are too many topics in Measure HH, including contradictory City Charter provisions.

Measure HH was written without public process, forcing you to accept all its mandates without prior debate.

Measure HH is bad government.

It reduces accountability, while increasing the corrupting influence of big money.

It takes away your choice, while decreasing your voice.

Vote NO on Measure HH.

Michael Feinstein, Mayor, City of Santa Monica

Karen Carrey, President, League of Women Voters of Santa Monica

Herb Katz, City Councilmember, City of Santa Monica

Darrell Goode, Santa Monica/Venice Branch President, NAACP

Jim Glew, Vice President, Santa Monica Firefighters Association


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