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KRSM 1680AM Radio

The City of Santa Monica has launched its own radio station on the AM band—turn to 1680 for traffic updates, parking information and other information you can use to get around Santa Monica more easily.  The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Where can I listen to KRSM 1680AM?

KRSM 1680AM is designed to cover the Santa Monica city limits. Listeners may have difficulty receiving the station within buildings. The optimum reception is from your car radio within the Santa Monica city boundaries.

Why does KRSM 1680AM only air traffic information?

Per FCC Rules & Regulations Section 90.242:
“The Travelers Information Stations shall transmit only non-commercial voice information pertaining to traffic and road conditions, traffic hazard and travel advisories, directions, availability of lodging, rest stops and service stations, and descriptions of local points of interest. It is not permissible to identify the commercial name of any business establishment whose service may be available within or outside the coverage area of a TIS. However, to facilitate announcements concerning departures/arrivals and parking areas at air, train, and bus terminals, the trade name identification of the carrier is permitted.”


What is the official call sign designated by the FCC?



For more information about KRSM 1680AM, Radio Santa Monica, call (310) 458-8590.


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