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About CityTV

CityTV is the government community cable channel for the City of Santa Monica. It is funded, programmed and operated by the City of Santa Monica. The channel is available to every cable television subscriber within the City of Santa Monica and reaches approximately 24,000 households.

 Catch CityTV programming on five channels:



WHERE SANTA MONICA LIVES: CityTV's flagship station provides live coverage of public meetings, news, series, live call-in programming and more!  To learn more about what's happening in Santa Monica, watch CityTV!


Spectrum Cable
Santa Monica and Frontier FIOS

24/7 on the Web





WHERE SANTA MONICA MEETS: Replays of public meeting coverage including Santa Monica City Council, Planning Commission, Rent Control Board and School Board meetings.  So don't worry if you miss a meeting - catch it on CityTV 20.  Playback Schedule


Santa Monica

Frontier FIOS

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The County of Los Angeles Cable Channel features live and replayed coverage of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meetings as well as other County-related programs.

In addition, Experience LA provides listings of events happening in the LA area for you, your friends and your family to check out!

Spectrum Cable
Santa Monica

Frontier FIOS

75   75  




CityTV's newest channel is dedicated to Lifelong Learning! From gardening, exercise, cooking, crafts and more, there is something new for everyone to learn on Forté!



Spectrum Cable
Santa Monica

Frontier FIOS

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CityTV Bulletin Board
Channel 77 



Community events and community services are featured 24 hours per day on CityTV's graphic bulletin board service.



Spectrum Cable
Santa Monica

Frontier FIOS

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