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Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery Mortuary and Mausoleum

Green Burial

“Green" or natural burial is a form of interment designed to have minimal environmental impact, especially when compared to traditional burial methods. With green burial, there are no caskets containing metals, as only decomposable materials such as simple wooden or wicker caskets, organic burial shrouds, and biodegradable urns are used.  There are no cement vaults and no embalming fluids containing toxic substances like formaldehyde.

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Each year, traditional burials place hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic embalming fluid and millions of pounds of metal and concrete into the earth for perpetuity. By contrast, green burial minimizes environmental damage while fostering a greater union with nature. Instead of contributing more imperishable waste to the environment, it nurtures the natural cycles of life. Green burial offers an eco-friendly process for our bodies to be returned to the earth and a meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one.


In 2015, Woodlawn Cemetery was certified as a Hybrid Cemetery by the Green Burial Council, the leading accreditation agency in the green burial movement. As a Hybrid Cemetery, we are now able to offer families the choice of green or traditional burial.

Eternal Meadow

Eternal Meadow, developed in 2016, is a section of grounds devoted exclusively to green burial. Eternal Meadow is a naturalistic wildflower meadow garden thoughtfully designed to emphasize the sanctity of life and harmony with nature. The space features a diverse mix of grasses and wildflowers native to California that display a natural cycle of flowering, degeneration, and re-seeding throughout the year. As the seasons change, so does the color and texture of Eternal Meadow, providing unique perspectives at different times of the year. The plants selected for inclusion in Eternal Meadow are intended to promote the presence of birds, bees, and butterflies, particularly the endangered Monarch butterflies that overwinter at Woodlawn, which in turn contribute to the cycle of growth.

“Green” or Natural Burial Price List


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