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Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery Mortuary and Mausoleum

A Special Place of Beauty

Situated on 26 acres in the heart of the coastal enclave Santa Monica, California, Woodlawn Cemetery offers a reflective, peaceful environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy for an afternoon or an eternity.  Owing to its unique location, Woodlawn offers views of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, manicured lawns and a stunningly gorgeous mausoleum adorned with handmade stained glass windows and ironwork.

Our dedicated cemetery grounds maintenance staff works hard to present a beautiful serene setting in which to remember your loved one and visit their final resting place.  Even under the most difficult circumstances, family and friends find that Woodlawn Cemetery is a pleasant place to rest, reflect and celebrate life.

The mausoleum features two distinct chapels that offer a truly special setting for life’s most memorable celebrations and ceremonies. For weddings and other significant occasions, Woodlawn Mausoleum lends an atmosphere that is truly unique. The acoustics created by the mammoth marble and granite walls are simply amazing.

Of course, much of our service involves helping family and loved ones recognize and honor those who have passed on. Many people look for other ways to remember their loved ones that is unique and special for that person. With a tree plaque, or a granite bench, a life can be remembered with an inscription that is unique to that person. Woodlawn Cemetery has hundreds of trees on the grounds, and, as long as they are available, a tree plaque may be placed under each tree with an inscription about your loved one. If a granite bench is appropriate, it may be inscribed and dedicated to your family member.

We invite you to visit this beautiful setting and tour our facilities. We think you will agree that Woodlawn Cemetery & Mausoleum is a special place for a very special occasion.



Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery.
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