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Getting to the Beach

Big Blue Bus
The Big Blue Bus has won the American Transportation Association's Outstanding Achievement Award for the 4th time since 1983, and continues to be one of the most efficient, customer-friendly transportation systems in the world. >

Metro offers bus and train service throughout L.A. County, with many ways to reach the beach. >

Bicycling for transportation and just for fun continues to grow in popularity. The City fully supports and encourages this trend, and there are several resources available for peddlers of every skill-level.
Check-out the City's page on bicycling > 

Choose a favorite route and go west! You'll be at the beach before you know it.

Google Transit
The Google Transit service allows users to plan their trips using a variety of public transportation systems. >

Find out what spots may be available ahead of time using the City's interactive parking maps with real-time updates. >
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