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Beach Hours, Rules & Safety

Hours & Rules

The Santa Monica State Beach parking lots are open from sunrise to sunset 

Rules and municipal codes have been established to promote safety, minimize conflicts between users, to preserve and protect the beach.

To read the Official Rules or full Municipal Code see these links 

Beach Safety

Below is a list of safety facilities and lifeguard tower numbers so you can plan a fun and safe day at the beach!

LA County Lifeguards
1642 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90401
  Santa Monica Police Department
333 Olympic Drive, Santa Monica, CA 90401
310-458-8491 (Non-emergency)
Harbor Patrol Office
402 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90405
310-458-8695 (Non-emergency)

Lifeguard services at Santa Monica State Beach are provided by the Los Angeles County Fire
Department. Towers 2-16 are located north of the Pier; towers 17 – 29 are located south of the
Pier. Staffing of the lifeguard towers varies seasonally from tower to tower. The lifeguards are
authorized to monitor water and beach safety and beachgoers must obey their direction at all
times. Please contact the Lifeguard Headquarters to inquire about specific hours of operation
and staffing.

Click here for current surf conditions.


Restrooms/Outdoor Showers

Public restroom facilities with outdoor rinse-off showers are available north and south of the Santa Monica Pier. Restroom facilities are open to the public every day from 6:00 am to dusk. They are located at:

  • #8: 810 Palisades Beach Road
  • #11: 1100 Palisades Beach Road
  • #12: 1200 Palisades Beach Road
  • #15: 1500 Palisades Beach Road
  • #16: 1600 Ocean Front Walk
  • #17: 1700 Ocean Front Walk
  • #20: 2000 Ocean Front Walk
  • #24: 2400 Ocean Front Walk
  • #25: 2500 Ocean Front Walk (no outdoor shower)
  • #26: 2600 Ocean Front Walk
  • #28: 2800 Ocean Front Walk




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